Low Risk Disposal Technology

Treatment of gas produced from biomass

Unique Halloysite Nanotubes (HNT)


Treatment of primary gas with mineral adsorbers

Our new developed mineral adsorbers (MBC 100 line) can be used for effective and long term cleaning of different primary gases produced from biomass.

Besides H2S – and  NH3 – reduction a good stable quality of gas for energy production can be guarented.

The adsorbers act by their special mineral properties based on nanosized characteristics. High specific surface and anion / cation exchange capacity of smectite – rich clays and bentonites and / or high volume of nanopores of natural zeolites cause bonding of hazardous components.

A content of less than 20 ppm of H2S and NH3 could be reached in treated primars gas by application of mineral adsorbers.

Our mineral adsorbers are similary in function to active carbon, but several times cheaper in a whole.

Mineral adsorbers – their advantages

  • more effective use of biogas by reduction of dangerous components
  • long – term and stable cleaning of primary gas (H2S and NH3 less than 20 ppm)
  • applications of treatment units with mineral adsorbers in different modules, even for completion of existing plants
  • significant reduction  of corrosion of different parts of the plant, reduction of service necessities
  • lower purchase cost relating to active carbon
  • multiple uses after regeneration
  • comparing with active carbon no costs for hazardous waste deposition
  • significant reduction of emissions of the total production process
  • simple installation of the filter modules in new and old plants


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